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Knowing Your Land

Developing a knowledge of the natural communities, habitats, plants, and wildlife, and the soil and water resources found on your property will allow for improved, objective driven management. 

Natural Communities and Landscapes

Florida Resource and Assistance Map Viewer: This simple interface is designed to help inform management by allowing you to explore a suite of data layers and models. You’ll find information on landowner assistance programs, priority natural resources, biodiversity, landscape connectivity and integrity, surface waters and more.



Atlas of Vascular Plants: comprehensive, searchable database of vascular plants in Florida. Provides information on the taxonomy, identification, and distribution of plants across the state.

Ecological Communities of Florida: describes Florida’s 26 natural ecological communities based on soil characteristics described in the Natural Resources Conservation Service’s Web Soil Survey


Forest Trees of Florida: online handbook prepared by the Florida Forest Service that assists with tree identification in the state.

Florida Natural Areas Inventory: guide to the natural communities of Florida based on a combination of landscape position, vegetation, and hydrological characteristics.


USDA Plant Database: source of images and descriptions of the plants of the U.S. and its territories.

ARC GIS Online- Maps and Apps for Everyone: online portal providing access to geospatial information for planning.


Florida Invasive Species Partnership: the Florida source for information about invasive exotic species, funding, and regional efforts to prevent and control infestations.

University of Florida Electronic Data Information Source: a source of UF/IFAS publications on a variety of agriculture, forestry, natural resources, horticulture, home economics, and other topics.



Florida Wildlife and Habitats: a guide to Florida’s managed, imperiled, nonnative, and invasive species prepared by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.


Web Soil Survey: source of soil data and information produced by the Natural Resources Conservation Service’s National Cooperative Soil Survey .

A Checklist of Florida's Reptiles and Amphibians: Universtiy of Florida Museum of Natural History list of all reptile and amphibian species known to occur in Florida.

UF/IFAS Soil Testing: provides information on soil testing and collecting a soil sample, with links to the UF/IFAS Soil Testing Laboratory.


The Feather Atlas: guide to aid with the identification of flight feather of North American birds prepared by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.


Florida Water Science Center: source of information on streamflow, groundwater, water quality, and precipitation from the U.S. Geological Survey.



UF-IFAS Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation - Wildlife Extension: Wildlife Extension specialists in the Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation serve, advise, and develop educational programs for Florida citizens in conjunction with county extension agents and other state, county, and local organizations interested in wildlife issues.

Florida's Water Management Districts: provides information on each of Florida’s five water management districts and links to their individual websites.


UF/IFAS Wildlife Publications

UF-IFAS Water Resource Management Publications


UF/IFAS Fish Publications


UF/IFAS Fisheries Publications





last updated February 12, 2021